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Written by W. Leon Smith

February 8, 2011 at 5:17 pm

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Chemtrails Over Central Texas

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Message from the Publisher

It has been several weeks since this site has been updated, due to unexpected health problems of its publisher, me, which occurred in late August 2010. I suffered 73 strokes and spent time in three hospitals. Upon finally being released and with no answer as to why these happened, I was told that these strokes should have killed me, and my prognosis for the future was termed highly questionable.

I, therefore, put the Iconoclast on hold while I have been undergoing recovery. My ability to type has been slowed somewhat, but I think I still type faster than most people (about 80 wpm, when I used to be at about 130). I am having to watch my blood pressure constantly, which tends to go high when I concentrate too long on difficult tasks. Too, I have had trouble adjusting to the side effects of several meds I am now taking. My best time of the day, when I feel I can again take on the world, is about 11 p.m. at night and it lasts for about an hour, then the next batch of meds kick in and slow me down terribly.

I am following doctors’ orders as closely as possible in the hopes that if I do, the meds can be reduced some, making me functional more hours per day and allowing me to resume the Iconoclast full blast.

At the time of the strokes, I had been working on an edition of the Iconoclast and had been conducting several investigations — some very tough ones. These, too, were put on hold, but I hope to resume them in the future as they are important to the U.S. populace.

I won’t go into what perhaps caused the strokes other than to say that it is possible it could have been a hit or due to extreme exposure to toxins. There were electrical things happening in my brain that doctors cannot explain since my heart has been in great shape.

I do want to wish everyone a happy new year, although the political horizon looks pretty bad. Big corporations own candidates and control the federal government and most state governments, the stupidity of war continues, and oil companies will, I predict, be fast to reap any and all rewards should the economy belch of any improvement. In other words, the country is fast going to pot and will continue to do so until the masses rise up and not only demand change, but instigate it.

On another subject, I have noticed during the past few days an increase in chemtrails over the skies of Central Texas. Yesterday (1-2-11) I videotaped the latest excursions since the daytime skies were so dramatic. I have included that video here for your viewing pleasure. It’s about three or four minutes long and contains a couple of slow spots, but please bear with it.

The Iconoclast has interviewed scientists over the years who deem chemtrails as part of HAARP (High Frequency Auroral Research Program) situated in Alaska, with other locations in other countries doing the same thing. It has been said that oil companies use the “stretching of the ozone” to find oil locations with the pinpointed vibrations that come back to earth very strongly, which causes havoc for terrain in the form of earthquakes and tsunamis. The skies are littered with barium, they say, which is used in the process, thus chemtrails are formed. This results in more trips to the doctor for those breathing the stuff when it comes down. Respiratory problems tend to increase traffic in health clinics after chemtrails are seen.

Anyway, these weird clouds looked dramatic on Sunday, so I shot some videos.

Here is the link:

Written by W. Leon Smith

January 3, 2011 at 5:06 pm

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